Why balance life and work when you can throw it on the floor and make a puddle of fun!

Everyday Inspiration, Day 5: Hook ‘Em With A Quote

I wasn’t born a first lady or a senator. I wasn’t born a Democrat. I wasn’t born a lawyer or an advocate for women’s rights or human rights. I wasn’t … Læs resten

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Everyday Inspiration, Day 6: The Space to Write

I can write anywhere. I think it comes with motherhood. Like everything else that is not strictly necessary for the comfort and survival of my children, it is something that … Læs resten

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Everyday Inspiration, Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

I have been away from blogging for two weeks now. I was supposed to write every day, responding to every single task the WordPress U. gods bestowed on me. However, … Læs resten

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Everyday Inspiration, Day 3: One-Word Inspiration

I got six words while I slept. They came to me from the WordPress University people. By mail – not by some divine transfer of energy or mind control. That … Læs resten

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Everyday inspiration, Day 2: Mamaduck’s defiance playlist

I have signed up for a class at WordPress U – Everyday inspiration. I find it easier to get things done when I commit to a goal, ex. studying for … Læs resten

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Everyday inspiration, Day 1: I write because…

Well, I write because I like it. Words can be changed and combined in countless variations that inspire us to laugh and cry, think and reconsider our view our of … Læs resten

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The Wisdom of a Four Year Old

Me: We need to get you a haircut. You have troll hair! The Duckling: I am not a troll – I am a dolphin! What??!! My clever boy was of course … Læs resten

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I had a flashback this morning. Actually it is a recurring flashback – if that makes any sense. I felt the distinct sensation of carrying my newborn baby girl, holding … Læs resten

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A letter to my precious daughter on her very first birthday

I love you, my little Ninja. I am proud of you. You already show such potential. You are generous like your brother, happily sharing your bread with strangers. Kind and compationate, … Læs resten

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Drastiske forandringer

Min mor påstår, at hun hev mig i håret, da jeg var en lille pige, fordi det groede så langsomt, at fremmede til stadighed troede, at jeg var en lille … Læs resten

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Om bloggen

Jeg udviklet bloggen efterhånden som jeg lærer fra andre bloggere og eksperimenterer med min skrivestil, layout osv. Jeg skriver primært om at være mor og have en karriere.

Jeg er mor til to utrolige børn. Jeg arbejder i uddannelsessektoren som leder af rektors sekretariat. I min fritid har jeg brugt den del tid på frivilligt arbejde i Junior Chamber International, en netværksorganisation med fokus på ledelse og bæredygtige løsninger.

About the blog

I am developing this blog as I go along. I mainly write about motherhood and the interesting challenges that comes with being a working mother with too many ideas and very little time. I am the mother of two amazing children. I work in education as manager of the Presidents office. In my spare time I spend a good deal of my time on volunteering in the network organization, Junior Chamber International.

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